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Why You Should Focus on Cleaning Your Electronics and Appliances




Many homeowners are proud of how careful they are at cleaning their homes, but some places are often forgotten, even by those who are diligent in their chores. These forgotten places often include oven racks, the washing machine gasket, and the stove or fridge sides. Even if you know these items, you may not be wiping them down as often as they must be addressed.


TV Remotes


Remove the batteries from the remote, then use a disinfectant wipe to clean it thoroughly. A cotton wool bud or a toothpick is a great way to clean around the buttons in case anything is stuck. You need to wipe these down every week or more often if a household member is ill at the moment.


Gaming Controllers 


Much like TV remotes, game controllers are used very often, and thus they collect a lot of grime. You should use a disinfectant wipe to clean the whole controller area and a cotton wool bud or toothpick for finer cleaning, similar to the example above.




You should clean those once a week if you take them outside. Cleaning with a cotton wool bud and disinfectant spray in those hard-to-reach places will keep germs and bacteria away from your skin. Make sure you avoid spraying directly inside and remove the headphones from any power source before you start your cleaning efforts.




You should focus on cleaning those every two weeks or if you wear them daily for more than five days in a row. Use a disinfectant wipe when the headset isn’t plugged in, and then dry them until they’re ready for use.




Wiping them down using a disinfectant will help prevent the buildup of bacteria around your household. It may not seem like much, but it helps in the long run.


Mobile Phones


You should use a soft cloth or an alcohol wipe when you clean your phone screen. Make sure you unplug all power sources and turn them off, so you won’t have to worry about the trace amounts of moisture that make it inside, just in case. Cleaning the phone case means you can use a disinfectant wipe without worry. Remove the phone from the case, disinfect it and the case, and then make sure it’s dry before putting it back inside. Cleaning the charging ports requires a toothpick or a compressed air can. Avoid blowing in them.


Computer Mouse


Cleaning your mouse using an alcoholic wipe will help clean it of bacteria and germs. Wipe the underside to remove dirt and debris and blow on the optic sensor with a compressed air can if necessary.


Computer Keyboard 


You can do this using a disinfectant wipe, simply sweeping it over the keyboard when it’s turned off. A cotton bud works well for the spaces between the keys, helping you clear any debris. Depending on the type of keyboard, compressed air can also works quite well for blowing any dust away from under the keys.


Underneath Fridge Drawers


And finally, an often forgotten space in your kitchen. Cleaning a fridge is often one of the most dreaded chores, save for cleaning an oven. You will need to remove everything from the inside before returning it and cleaning every surface inside. It may be unsurprising to many people that many don’t wipe down the fridge shelves as often as you do with kitchen countertops. You need to change this, as a simple spill can harden into something much more difficult to clean further down the line.


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