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Some Eco-friendly Cleaning Recipes You Should Try out Now


Everyone would love to have a clean home, but sometimes the cleaning process isn’t as pleasant as they’re considering. A dirty toilet, sink, and your garage, many carry on unhealthy ingredients and are environmentally and ecologically dangerous. So you don’t need to panic, we’re here with good news. Now, you don’t have to use strong toxic chemicals for cleaning anymore. Without any hassle, you can find tons of eco-friendly cleaners in the market, absolutely free from toxic chemicals, odd-smelling, etc. These products are easy to use and come with a pleasant smell. If there are some kids or seniors in your house, then we highly recommend you to use these eco-friendly cleaning products to enjoy cleaning. 

To prevent the dangerous risk of toxic chemicals, you can make your cleaning products for yourself. For this, you can use natural ingredients like vinegar, dish detergent, baking soda, olive oil, and water. 

Here we are going to share top cleaning products you can make at home using organic ingredients:


How to make a Glass Cleaner 

Following these steps, you can make your glass cleaner for mirrors and windows. To make this product, you must gather some ingredients, such as:

  1. Orange Essential Oil – One or Two Drops
  2. White Cider Vinegar – Half Cup
  3. Rubbing Alcohol – One-Quarter of a Cup
  4. Spray Bottle – Empty
  5. Water – 2 Cups

How to Make:

Take an empty bottle and mix all the mentioned ingredients. Shake well and when done, spray on a paper towel and use to clean the mirrors and glass. 

Recipe of Super Cleaner

You can make an excellent natural, non-toxic cleaner with eco-friendly ingredients and use to clean grime and grease from any surface. The homemade detergent will work great for cleaning tiles, counters, toilets, and other surfaces. To make this cleaner, you need the following: 


  1. Borax – 1 Teaspoon
  2. Washing Soda – ½ Teaspoon
  3. Warm Water – One Quarter
  4. Organic Dishwashing Soap – One Teaspoon
  5. Essential Oils – 4 drops Lavender, 10 drops Orange, and 4 drops lemon

Grease Cleaner Recipe

Want to get rid of caked-on grease from your kitchen using eco-friendly cleaner? If yes, then here’s an incredible recipe for you to make and use to make your job easier like never before. 

The ingredients you need

  1. Vinegar
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Vegetable Oil

How to mix them:

Very simple, you need an empty bottle, in which you can easily combine all of the ingredients and shake well to use. 

How to make a Scrub?

The scrub you will make using the eco-friendly ingredients will help you in removing all stains and rust on metal skins and tubes. But, it’s not so cool for marble surfaces or granite as well. 


  1. Borax – Half Cup
  2. Lemon – Half


Before applying on the surface, you must dip half lemon into the chamber of borax with a sponge and risen. By doing this, you will get a powerful heavy-duty scrub that you can use to remove stains and rust on tubes and metal sinks.


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